Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant 旺


Everyone in Vancouver who loves Shanghai cuisine must have heard about Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant.


It’s pretty big inside.


Chicken with Wine

Their chicken with wine is on par with that of Long’s Noodle House, although both are quite distinct from one another.

The former is firm and cold while the latter is soft and a bit warm.

The conclusion is – tastes good:)


Radish Pastry with Ham

Their radish pastry is very huge! Almost same size as my fist.


Lots of ingredients inside. My sister super like it while we think it’s ok.


Xiao Long Bao

Very juicy and the meat inside is bouncy. Not bad but we don’t really like the taste of the soup.

Personally preference though.


See the soup inside? The skin is very thin too.


Yellow Croakers with Bamboo Shoots and Salted Vegetables

Two fish! Less than $20! Quite generous I would say.

But then we realize the fish is not fresh so the texture is bad…but the taste and the seasoning are ok.


The quality is not bad but I prefer Long’s Noodle House and Tops Shanghai Cuisine.



8380 Lansdowne Rd, Richmond, BC

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