Shanghai Morning Restaurant 小南國上海小吃


Alright. Before we start, I have to say that this restaurant several “the best we have ever tried”.

So be prepared!!


It locates on Alexandra Rd. We have tried (or at least, spotted) almost all of the restaurants on this famous road but when we heard of Shanghai Morning Restaurant…it sounds so unfamiliar.

It’s because it’s in a square.


Spacious and clean.


Jelly fish with Onion Oil 葱油海蜇

The taste itself is ok but it’s not well prepared…some of them still have the ugly tiny red spots on it. Ew…


Wined Chicken 醉雞

Doesn’t look very attractive but tastes good.


Deep Fried Dough Stick 油條

A bit too soft and fluffy as a deep fried dough stick…Not recommended.


Soy Milk 豆漿


Xiao Long Bao 小籠包




What can I say???? It’s super super super…….juicy!!!!!!

It’s the juiciest Xiao Long Bao I have ever tried.


Pan Fried Pork Bun 生煎包

The best!! THE best!!! THE BEST!!!!!!!!

Definitely the best pan fried pork bun I have ever tried!!

I don’t like pan fried pork buns because I think the skin is usually too thick.

But this!! This has totally changed my mind!!


Have to be careful of the sizzling yummy soup.

Must try!!!


Little Wonton in Shanghai Style 上海小雲飩

I love this because it reminds me of my home. The taste is very similar to my aunt’s cooking.

I guess it’s personal preference because Y thinks it only tastes ok.

The wontons are very tiny. Very plain but I love it:)


Pot Sticker 鍋貼



Pan Fried Wonton 油煎菜肉雲飩

Very large dish. Better than the pot stickers.


To conclude, must try their xiao long bao and pan fried pork bun!!!



Shanghai Morning Restaurant 

(778) 297-6098

125-8291 Alexandra Road,  Richmond, BC

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2 Responses

  1. Henry Ho says:

    Yikes, everything tasted heavy-duty. I cannot believe a SH restaurant uses canned snow vegetable with strong chemical easily tasted in the sauce! Horrible. I’ll never go again.

    • GourmeSY says:

      I’m sorry you have bad experience at this restaurant. May I know which dishes you ordered? Their pan fried pork bun are my favourite. I know it’s unlikely that you will visit there again but if one day you feel like giving them another chance, please don’t miss their pork buns.

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