[Vancouver] MoMa Contemporary Bistro

MoMa Contemporary Bistro

Chinese restaurants in Richmond is as many as the stars in the sky:P

But it’s hard to find a restaurant that’s not serving Asian cuisines.

Gladly, there is one new fusion restaurant born in Richmond!

Her name is MoMa Contemporary Bistro




Caprese Salad

The ingredients are fresh and the cheese is soft and yummy.

Everyone plays an important roles there. All of them are nice.


Prawn Fritter



Very crunchy.

A bit more like a Japanese dish to us:)


Linguine alle Vongole


The linguine is al dente.

Clams look big but…4 out of 5 are too stale to swallow…


Crispy Cornish Hen 



Nice display.

Crispy and smells good.

The hen is a bit tough.

With mushroom, soy and chestnut sauce, overall not bad.


There lots of room for improvements.

MoMa is still young. I’m sure they will be better in the future.


MoMa Contemporary Bistro

(604) 276-0576

8580 Cambie Rd  Richmond, BC

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2 Responses

  1. Billie says:

    Hi there! Thanks for your honest review of MoMa. There is just one error I would like to point out – we are not the sister restaurant of Cache Bistro, we are not related in any way. Where did you get that information?

    • GourmeSY says:

      Hi. Thanks very much for the comment.
      I must apologize for the mistakes>< I saw somebody leaving a question on MoMa's website about the relation between the two chef of MoMa and Cache...but I didn't pay attention to the reply. I'm sorry. I should be more careful. T.T

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