La Quercia II

La Quercia 2

We love La Quercia.

Their menu changes almost everyday but the food is always delicious and brings us surprises.


Menu. Your neck will be sore if you are sitting on the wrong table.




Octopus, Peppers, Onions

Very refreshing.


Butter Lettuce, Speck

What have they done?!!!

It looks super ordinary but it tastes extraordinarily good!!!

The sauce is addictive.


Rabbit Pie, Cappuccio



Forgot the exact name but it’s veal and rabbit wrapped with bacon.

Smells very nice and tasty.


Maltagliati All’ Amatriciana

Very simple but again what have they done!!!

All I can see is pasta and sauce…nothing more but my God…it’s super good.


Tortiglioni, bacon

Again, again…it looks super ordinary but…I just couldn’t stop myself and at the end I even craved for more!

Love the texture. Love the taste!!


Cornish Hen, Pork Belly


Very nice and as always, their chicken is super tender and juicy.

Never let us down:)


3689 W 4th Ave,Vancouver, BC

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2 Responses

  1. Liquid says:

    Their menu looks amazing. Think I’ve only had wild hare before from further north in BC, but not sure if same as rabbit. I have to stop coming to your blog on an empty stomach 😛

    • GourmeSY says:

      It’s one of my fav restaurant!
      Well sometimes I write with an empty stomach Orz so I know how it feels hahaa

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