Damso Modern Korean Cuisine


There are lots of Korean restaurants in Vancouver but one that we tried recently is a bit special because it serves mainly modern Korean cuisine.

It’s like an Izakaya but in Korean way.

Its name is Damso. 




Foie Gras Tomato Kimchi

Grape tomato kimchi with shaved foie gras


There is some sliced pear at the bottom which is very sweet and clear.

The dish is good except that the taste of foie gras is completely covered by the kimchi…


12-Hour Braised Beef Tongue *Damso Signature

Green onion, sesame, jalapeno pickles

Very flavorful and tender!

The only thing to complain is the size…


Chicken Gizzard

Stir-fried chicken gizzard, roasted garlic, scallion salad, with mustard vinaigrette.

Simple and delicious. Great with beer!

Damso Modern Korean Cuisine

Beef Dry Ribs

Deep Fried beef back ribs tossed with salt & pepper

Love this. Most restaurants use pork ribs instead of beef ribs but the latter is richer.


Seafood Waffle

Prawn, scallop, squid, bacon, and scallion

The idea is from Korean seafood pancake, I guess.

Creative but the result is just average…


Damso Modern Korean Cuisine

(604) 632-0022


867 Denman Street,  Vancouver, BC

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