29th Ave Cafe (NEW Yoshoku-Ya)


We are so moved!!!

We thought we could never tried Yoshoku-Ya again after it’s closed.

After years, once we knew that it has actually moved to another place, we dived in immediately!

They have changed the name from Yoshoku-Ya to 29th Ave Cafe.

Menu hasn’t changed much but the price is a bit higher than before.

I missed the old furnishing style which the new one didn’t inherit:(


Hamburger Steak

Juicy and nice:)

Love their side dishes as always. Very soft and rich in flavor.


Teriyaki Chicken

Not bad.


Deep Fried Pork Chop

Crunchy and fresh. Nice.

Ome Rice

My favourite.

I don’t really like ketchup or tomato-flavor but this is my exception:D

Nice as always!!!!


Mushroom Chicken

Y’s favourit.

The chicken is tender and the mushroom sauce is just irresistable.

He licks the plate every time he finish this:D


Mentaiko Spaghetti

Another favourite of mine.

Smells super delicious. The smell can always capture the whole table’s attention.

Very rich but a bit too rich and heavy that I can seldom finish all of it.


Their food is good as always! Unfortunately, the furnishings have changed a lot…


4441 Boundary Road Vancouver, BC

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